The Poodle is one of the oldest known dog breeds. They have round skulls with a slight stop and wide-set ears that hang close to the head. They have long muzzles, and eye rims and noses are black or liver depending on coat color. Their oval-shaped eyes are typically any dark shade or dark amber, again depending on coat color. They have level toplines, long, elegant necks, and long legs. Their dense, curly coats come in almost any color, including white, cream, apricot, blue, cafe-au-lait, brown, gray, silver, black, and two-toned Parti-colored.

Poodles are favored for their intelligence, which makes them easy to train. They may have a dignified, elegant look about them, but Poodles are actually quite playful and amicable. They’re good with other pets and children, particularly if they are introduced when the Poodle is young. They are loving, affectionate, and loyal, and they will be protective of their home and human family members. Poodles are agile and athletic, and many excel in agility, conformation shows, obedience training, rally, and tracking. They adapt well to any home environment provided that their exercise is prioritized. They thrive when they are busy and able to have daily mental stimulation as well.

Exercise Recommendations

  • High activity level
  • 60 minutes of activity per day

Grooming Tips

  • Brush daily
  • Bathe as necessary; trim every 3–6 weeks
  • Tear-stains? Wipe face with damp cloth daily
  • Trim nails; brush teeth; clean & dry ears regularly

Temperament & Behavior

  • Dignified, elegant, loyal
  • Amicable, playful, protective
  • Intelligent; easy to train