The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy dog so known for its companionate nature that it is sometimes called a “comforter spaniel.” Their slightly larger stature, domed skull, higher-set ears, and longer muzzles distinguish the breed from King Charles Spaniels. Their endearing faces feature round, slightly bulging, dark eyes. The coat is typically wavy and silky, medium to long, and comes in four colors: Blenheim (chestnut brown and white),Bie (black and tan), Tri (black, white, and tan), and Ruby (all chestnut red). Feathering on the ears, chest, legs, feet, and tail have an elegant look when the Cavalier is in motion.

Cavalier’s are affectionate, friendly, and people-oriented, making them good family dogs. They are known to do well with children and dogs of any size. They’re much too friendly to be efficient guard dogs, and in fact, they are so eager for social interactions with their humans that they should not be left alone regularly. This breed is well-suited for companionship and cuddling. However, don’t be surprised when they show an active, sporting side. They like to chase things. These dogs can adapt to an apartment setting, but they’ll be happiest with access to a fenced yard for playtime. This breed’s short snout makes them sensitive to extreme temperatures. You’ll need to protect them from excessive cold or heat. On those days, indoor exercise will be the best choice for your pup.

Exercise Recommendations

  • Moderate activity level
  • 30 minutes of activity per day

Grooming Tips

  • Brush every other day
  • Use comb or firm bristle brush
  • Trim hair between foodpads regularly
  • Trim nails; clean & dry ears; brush teeth regularly

Temperament & Behavior

  • Gentle, even-tempered
  • Playful, affectionate
  • Great family dog; good with kids and dogs