The Labrador Retriever has a broad head with a moderate stop and medium-sized, pendant-shaped ears that hang down. Their eyes are usually brown or golden brown (though hazel is possible in chocolate Labs) and rimmed in black. The muzzle is wide, and the nose will be black on black and yellow pups but brown on chocolate Labs. Their jaws are strong, and their teeth meet in a scissor or level bite. The Lab’s muscular, athletic body is slightly longer than it is tall. The tail is thick at the base and tapers at the tip. Similar to an otter’s tail, it helps them swim. Their top coat is short, and their undercoat is dense, thick, and waterproof, making them ideally suited to cold weather and icy water.

Labrador Retrievers are popular as family dogs because they are so loving, devoted, and people-friendly. They are typically mellow, patient dogs who make friends with everyone and are eager to please. Although they are far too friendly to make a good guard dog, they have a long history of being working dogs. Even today, they excel as hunting/retrieving dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs for the blind, assistant dogs for the disabled, and search and rescue dogs. These dogs live for quality time with their families. They’ll love playing fetch, swimming, exploring a fenced-in yard, or just accompanying you on any outing. A Lab is a loyal, loving companion who will make a great addition to your family.

Exercise Requirements

  • High activity level
  • 60 minutes of activity per day
  • 15 miles of walking per week

Grooming Tips

  • Brush daily
  • Bathe every 8 weeks and as necessary
  • Trim nails; brush teeth; clean & dry ears regularly

Temperament & Behavior

  • Friendly, mellow, patient
  • Loving, people-friendly, social
  • Good with children & other pets